Men's Rios of Mercedes R9019 Black Caiman Belly with 13" Black Kidskin Tops

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Rios of Mercedes boots have a fit like no other. Snug yet supple, Rios boots are like gloves for your feet. They won’t slip or slide like boots with synthetic components often do. The leather is cut with the natural stretch of the particular hide in mind, so that it stretches side-to-side over the ball of the foot. With all-leather construction, Rios boots mold to your feet and holds them in place with every step. 

  • Vamp: Black Caiman Belly 
  • Top: 13" Black Kidskin (Goat)
  • Toe: Milan (Wide Square Toe) 
  • Removable Cush-N-Sole 
  • DWS (Double Welt Stitch) 
  • Sole:Black Hybrid
  • Heel:1 1/8" Roper (Leather Stacked)
  • Chocolate Sole Edge Finish 
  • Handmade In Mercedes,Texas