Men's Rios of Mercedes Brick Oiled Elephant with 16" Jade Navajo Bison - R9031

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Elephant is tanned in pieces with each piece having it own distinct grain, some heavy and some smooth. It is a very popular leather and is fairly available due to the governments in south of Africa not wasting the meat or hides of those animals taken for population control. Elephant is scuff resistant for work and is nice for casual wear.  Since it is fairly dry, it should be regularly cleaned and conditioned. 

  • Vamp: Brick Oiled Elephant 
  • Top: 16” Jade Navajo Bison 
  • Toe: Cutter (Narrow Square) 
  • Single Welt Sole Stitch 
  • Removable Footbed 
  • Sole: Tan Oxbow With Neoprene -These solid rubber soles look like a real leather sole and are flexible and wear well. They are easy to get into the stirrup, but won’t get hung up – the best of both worlds for a horseman.
  • Heel: 1 1/2 ” Long Base Underslung Leather Stacked With Plastic Spur Rand And Cowboy Spur Rest
  • Full Leather Lining
  • Handmade In Mercedes,Texas