Men's Anderson Bean Granite Safari Elephant with 13" Regal Kidskin Tops

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Elephant is tanned in pieces with each piece having it own distinct grain, some heavy and some smooth. It is a very popular leather and is fairly available due to the governments in south of Africa not wasting the meat or hides of those animals taken for population control. Elephant is scuff resistant for work and is nice for casual wear.  Since it is fairly dry, it should be regularly cleaned and conditioned. 

  • Vamp: Granite Safari Elephant 
  • Top: 13" Regal Kidskin 
  • Toe: DB (Wide Square Toe) 
  • Removable Cush-N-Sole 
  • DWS (Double Welt Stitch) 
  • Sole: Black Hybrid 
  • Heel: 1 1/8" Roper Heel 
  • Handmade In Mercedes, Texas 

Why don’t you see more elephant boots on the shelves? 1) Hides are only available when the African government reduces elephant populations to protect villages and surrounding farmland. 2) Larger boot companies aren’t willing to invest in such a small-scale program, but lucky for you, Anderson Bean likes being small. Anderson Bean loves being different, and they appreciate good stewardship of the land our good Lord gave us. 


Our Anderson Bean exclusive boots are handcrafted and made just for us at Nigro’s Western Store. They’re truly unique! Just as diverse as the animals they come from, skin and color may vary, creating a truly one-of-a-kind pair of boots. Please note that our supply of these boots are extremely limited, so we encourage you to grab a pair before they’re gone!