Men's Rios of Mercedes Grey Carpincho with 13" Carbon Milan Tops

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Our Rios of Mercedes exclusive boots are handcrafted and made just for us at Nigro’s Western Store. They’re truly unique! Just as diverse as the animals they come from, skin and color may vary, creating a truly one-of-a-kind pair of boots. Please note that our supply of these boots are extremely limited, so we encourage you to grab a pair before they’re gone!  

  • Vamp: Grey Carpincho 
  • 13" Carbon Milan 
  • Toe: Cutter 
  • Single Welt Stitched 
  • Sole: Tan Hybrid 
  • Heel: 1 1/2L Leather Stacked 
  • Removable Cush-N-Sole 
  • All Leather lined 


The world's largest rodent, also known as capybara. It is found in South America by fresh water dams and lakes. A unique looking leather which serves as a work boot for serious horsemen and ranchers. Long lasting if regularlly cleaned and conditioned.