Men's Rios of Mercedes Cafe Carpincho with 13" Green Velvet Luster Tops - R9029

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The world's largest rodent, also known as capybara. It is found in South America by fresh water dams and lakes. A unique looking leather which serves as a work boot for serious horsemen and ranchers. Long lasting if regularlly cleaned and conditioned. 

  • Vamp: Cafe Carpincho 
  • Top: 13" Green Velvet Kidskin 
  • Toe: Milan (Wide Square) 
  • Removable Footbed 
  • DWS (Double Welt Sole Stitch) 
  • Sole:  Leather Hybrid - These boots are also made with a leather and polyurethane hybrid sole to offer grip and durability with each step. 
  • Heel: 1 1/8" Leather Stacked 
  • Full Leather Lining 
  • Made In Mercedes,Texas